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  • FW95 - Total Safety Wellington S5

    FW95 - Total Safety Wellington S5

    Product Description

    FW95 - Total Safety Wellington S5

    Colour: Black

    The Total Safety Wellington offers ultimate S5 protection to the wearer. Steel toecap and midsole. PVC/Nitrile construction that is waterproof and resistant to oil, fuels and acids. Suitable for a variety of environments.


    CE certified

    Protective steel toecap

    Steel midsole

    Anti-static footwear

    Energy Absorbing Seat Region

    100% Waterproof keeping feet warm and dry

    SRC - Slip resistant outsole to prevent slips and trips on ceramic and steel surfaces

    Fuel and oil resistant outsole

    Puncture resistant steel midsole

    Protective steel toecap


    Upper: PVC/Nitrile

    Sole: PVC/Nitrile

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