• A280 - Wintershield Glove


    2121X EN388

    Product Description

    A durable and comfortable thermal glove, the Wintershield is fleece lined and made from the most hi-tech man made leather in the textile industry, ensuring maximum comfort and warmth for the wearer.


    Specially designed for use in cold conditions

    Fleece lining for added warmth and comfort

    Leather palm greatly improves durability

    Designed with a comfort fit

    Incredibly durable and hardwearing

    Ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use

    CE certified


    Synthetic Leather, Fleece

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    £2.40 ex VAT

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    • More than 10, pay £ 2.00  each
    • More than 12, pay £ 2.35  each
    • More than 24, pay £ 2.29  each
    • More than 60, pay £ 2.24  each
    • More than 108, pay £ 2.18  each

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