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  • Moldex 6220 Z2 Earmuffs

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    Moldex 6220 Z2 Earmuffs

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    Moldex 6220 Z2 Earmuffs

    When you need ear defenders occasionally whilst using certain equipment, you need the Moldex Z2 Earmuffs which are easy to take on and off. And for those who struggle with wearing earplugs, these are a comfortable alternative. The moulded cups are easy to adjust, so it’s quick to pop on and align. The lightweight moulded plastic headband is comfortable and PVC free, whilst still being compliant with standard EN 352 and a 28bd SNR value. Ideal for use with general tools, these will reduce noise of up to 107 decibels to a safe level.

    The Moldex Z2 Earmuffs are available to purchase with one size fitting all.

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