Base, Premium Italian Safety Footwear

Base Protection, premium Italian safety footwear brand. Base protection footwear is one of Europe's leading brands of safety footwear, which designs and manufactures exceptional safety shoes for millions of wearers globally. Base protection's mission is to improve the wellbeing of the workers through innovation and technology. At the core of this is their focus on combat.

  • B1502 - Rocket safety shoe

    B1502 - Rocket safety shoe

    Starting from 66.80

  • B1503 - Cosmos Safety Shoe

    B1503 - Cosmos Safety Shoe

    Starting from £55.00

  • Base,Bison Top Work Boot

    Base,Bison Top Work Boot

    Starting from £84.00

  • Base,Rafting Top Safety Boot

    Base,Rafting Top Safety Boot

    Starting from £58.99